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Kitchen Cabinet Sets, Nice-Looking from Zhi Hua UV

When you are planning on buying kitchen cabinetry, you will have to buy them in one set. You will need around 15-30 cabinet boxes in the kitchen after all. Looking for them separately is not a good idea. Buying one set directly reduces you the time and cost for looking the ones that match to each other. If you want something simple but still look nice or something unique, there are two kitchen cabinet sets from Zhi Hua U V that you can consider here. Let me describe them one by one here.

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet, Whole Cabinet Set Prices

This is the first of the kitchen cabinet sets I want to tell you here. Branded with Zhi Hua U V, this set of kitchen cabinets is made of various materials. The wooden-looking parts are made of particle board, plywood, solid wood, and MDF. Of course, it gets various finishes on it, like melamine faced board, lacquer door panel, UV high gloss panel, UV color painting panel, and PVC vinyl wrap. Meanwhile, the countertops are made of acrylic stone, quartz stone, and granite.

With those materials, this kind of kitchen cabinet sets is made simply in rectangular structure. There are base cabinets below and wall cabinets above the counter with tall cabinets on two sides. To tell you the truth, this set is made with its parts attached on the wall. Thus, it offers hollow space below. It looks rather interesting, actually. Not to mention, it is good for to make the kitchen feel roomier. So, it is a good choice for cramped-spaced kitchen.

Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Whole Kitchen Cabinet Set

The second of the kitchen cabinet sets here actually looks more interesting in its design. Branded with the same brand, this set has used materials, like moisture-proof chipboard, MDF, and plywood to build it. As for the finish, high gloss acrylic/UV/PETG/PVC/melamine/lacquer finish is used here. With those materials, this set of kitchen cabinetry is actually not made as simple as the first one above. It does not completely form rectangular structure on wall.

Rather than having cupboard, the base line is made of 6 big drawers with stair-like structure at one side if the oven is not there. Meanwhile, there are 7 wall cabinet boxes above the counter attached on wall with L structure facing below with the short side filling the space above the stair-like side earlier. It is hard to tell what shape the structure makes, but kitchen cabinet sets like this can look pretty unique and different than the others in its design.

Beautiful Ideas for Kitchen Classics Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can be applied in various styles. One of the most interesting styles is classic. Classic style will always look good anytime. So, it will be a good idea for you to have kitchen classics cabinets. Classic cabinets can be made with various ideas. Classic style is usually simple but you can also apply some decorations to make the cabinets look more attractive. The ideas can include the color, materials, etc. That is why you have to pay attention to every detail of your kitchen cabinets.

Beautiful Ideas for Classic Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to have classic kitchen cabinets, the first thing that you have to pay attention to is the color. There are many options that you can try but not all colors will be appropriate for the classic style. To make your kitchen cabinets look classic, it will be a good idea for you to apply contrast colors between the floor and the countertops. For example, kitchen classics cabinets can be applied with a dark color whereas the countertop has a bright color.

Besides that, the material is also important to be discussed. Commonly, classic kitchen cabinet material used is wood. However, there are many types of wood that can be used. You can use any type of wood for your kitchen cabinet but it will be better for you to prioritize hardwood for the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. It is because hardwood is strong so that your kitchen cabinets will be durable. For the color, dark will be great for your kitchen classics cabinets.

Different from the lower part that will be better in dark colors, the upper part is better with brighter colors. For example, with the dark brown lower part, your kitchen cabinets will look very beautiful with light gray countertops. The countertop material can be chosen freely. There are many options for your kitchen classics cabinets such as stainless steel, granite, or other materials based on your desire.

Then, if you want to make your kitchen cabinets look more beautiful, you can vary the materials used. For example, with wooden cabinets, it will be very beautiful with glass doors. Of course, they will create a good combination. In addition, some accessories are also recommended. For example, you can beautify your kitchen classics cabinets with crown molding. Beautiful hardware like glass or diamond knobs will make your kitchen cabinets perfect. However, you need to be careful because too many kitchen accessories will make it look modern rather than classic.

Simple Tips About Kitchen Cabinet Liners

Are you having trouble with your wire racks inside cabinet for they make small objects slip through? Don’t worry! If you have such problem, you can always rely on kitchen cabinet liners to solve it. Liners for kitchen cabinet are like thin sheets of paper. When they are placed on wire racks, they can support the things put on them. The problem is which one is the best to choose. For that reason, I would like you to consider Duck Brand 1100731 Select Grip Easy Liner here.

Non-Adhesive and Removable

Duck Brand 1100731 Select Grip Easy Liner is a worthy product to consider. First, it is because this product is a non-adhesive. Its Select Grip features enable it to keep your things from shifting or sliding. Why not? It has non-adhesive grip made on both top and bottom after all. Kitchen cabinet liners should be at least this convenient. Only then, such product can be really called as cabinet liners for kitchen.

The next thing you can get from kitchen cabinet liners like this is about it being removable. Well, it is non-adhesive after all. So, you won’t be having a hard time to put it off. When it starts to wear off or you want a change of look, you can remove it easily from your kitchen cabinets. To begin with, it is the kind of liners that offers easy installation and removal. I am sure that this is the kind of liners you want to work with for your kitchen cabinets.

Long-Lasting and Nice-Looking

I would also say here that this liner for kitchen cabinetry is capable of lasting for a long time. How can it be so? Actually, this product is made thicker than many other shelf liners. This thickness has made it possible for this product to be durable to withstand all the things that can wear it off. That is why it can last longer than the others. Isn’t this what you want from kitchen cabinet liners too?

It is not only that. Need to be known, this kind of kitchen cabinet liners offers nice look on it. Well, it is true that it mostly offers plain, single-colored look. However, you can always order Grey Chevron which has zigzag pattern of light grey and deep grey on it. You can also order Taupe Swirls which has swirl pattern of light taupe and deep taupe on it. Liners with pattern should have enhanced the look of your kitchen cabinets even more.

The Best Kitchen Liquidators for Budget-Minded Homeowners

Kitchen cabinets companies are all there everywhere. Finding the best one of all depends on your needs. If you are budget-minded homeowners, I am suggesting you to choose kitchen cabinet liquidators here. Yes, it is one of companies which sell affordable kitchen cabinets. I am sure that you are wondering how it can be so. Furthermore, it is actually not the only thing that makes it the best choice to choose. So, let’s see the things it can offer to you here.

Low Price and Free Shipping

Since Kitchen Cabinet Liquidators is known to be the one selling affordable kitchen cabinets, it is best to talk about the price it offers to you first here. Cabinets from Kitchen Liquidators are indeed sold in the lowest price possible for DIY and RTA kitchen cabinets. It can happen because this company buys them directly from the manufacturers. There is no importing fees or hidden taxes you have to pay, making it possible for you to get cheap price.

It is not only that. Still related to the cost you have to spend for buying cabinets from Kitchen Cabinet Liquidators, you have the chance to get free shipping from it too. It applies for those who make purchase at least $2500.00 or more before taxes. It also applies for those within United States. There are other conditions too. However, it is such a big help for those who meet the requirements. You can save a lot more money than you expected.

Fast Delivery and Various Options

Kitchen Cabinet Liquidators also has the capability of offering its customers with fast delivery. Once you make your orders and have cleared the payment, they are shipped immediately within hours. You don’t have to wait for Kitchen Liquidators’ cabinets to arrive in the count of months. Typically, your orders will arrive within 1 to 2 weeks. It is pretty fast delivery, indeed. It becomes all the more beneficial, especially when it is free.

Well, aside from the price, shipping, and delivery, one thing you will like from Kitchen Cabinet Liquidators is that it makes it possible for you to get various options of kitchen cabinet to choose. There are up to 13 door styles to choose. Whether you want base cabinets, wall cabinets, or tall cabinets, this company offers them all for you in various sizes and designs too. Now, you should have understood why this company is the best choice for budget-minded homeowners.

Variation of Panel Curtains IKEA

Panel curtains or is often referred as blind curtains is a choice of interior window that is suitable for you who want an elegant, luxurious and magnificent. What is the panel curtain? Panel curtain is one of the curtains that are rarely used because it is not as popular as other types of blinds. These types of blinds are made manufacturing such as roller blinds. Then, how about its open-lid system? The Open-lid system of this curtain is to be shifted like a door. However, it can also be opened or closed using manual levers or remote control. In general, the panel curtains are available in2 tracks, 3tracks, 4 tracks, and 5tracks. This time, the writer will talk specifically about panel curtains IKEA. Check this out!.


The first panel curtains IKEA is Ullastina panel curtain. Panel curtain that has dimensions of 118″ L x 24” W is priced at $ 5.99, is the most inexpensive panel curtain that is available at IKEA. Curtain panels of this type have several functions, such as a room divider, covering the storage room without a door, or can be used as a table runner. This curtain is made of polyester. For maintenance, you can wash them easily by using the washing machine.


Rosenkalla is a panel curtains IKEA that is priced at $ 7.99. Just like Ullastina, this curtain also has a dimension of 118″ L x 24″ W and is also made of polyester. So that the curtain is durable for a long time, you can wash it by using a washing machine with temperatures of 30° with delicate cycle. Never use bleach to clean up this curtain. To tidy it up, you can iron it but with a low temperature.


Next is Fönsterviva. This is a panel curtains IKEA that is designed by IKEA of Sweden. This panel curtain is priced at $ 12.99. Unlike the two previous types of blinds, this curtain panel is made of 19% polyester and 81% paper. How do you care it? Do not wash it or iron it so that the curtain can be durable in the long term.

Anno Sanela

The last panel curtains IKEA is Anno Sanela. This is the most expensive panel curtain from IKEA that is priced at$ 14.99. This curtain is measuring of 118″ L X 24″ W but you can cut it as you want, as you need easily.This curtain is made of 18% polyester and 82% paper.