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Variation of Panel Curtains IKEA

Panel curtains or is often referred as blind curtains is a choice of interior window that is suitable for you who want an elegant, luxurious and magnificent. What is the panel curtain? Panel curtain is one of the curtains that are rarely used because it is not as popular as other types of blinds. These types of blinds are made manufacturing such as roller blinds. Then, how about its open-lid system? The Open-lid system of this curtain is to be shifted like a door. However, it can also be opened or closed using manual levers or remote control. In general, the panel curtains are available in2 tracks, 3tracks, 4 tracks, and 5tracks. This time, the writer will talk specifically about panel curtains IKEA. Check this out!.


The first panel curtains IKEA is Ullastina panel curtain. Panel curtain that has dimensions of 118″ L x 24” W is priced at $ 5.99, is the most inexpensive panel curtain that is available at IKEA. Curtain panels of this type have several functions, such as a room divider, covering the storage room without a door, or can be used as a table runner. This curtain is made of polyester. For maintenance, you can wash them easily by using the washing machine.


Rosenkalla is a panel curtains IKEA that is priced at $ 7.99. Just like Ullastina, this curtain also has a dimension of 118″ L x 24″ W and is also made of polyester. So that the curtain is durable for a long time, you can wash it by using a washing machine with temperatures of 30° with delicate cycle. Never use bleach to clean up this curtain. To tidy it up, you can iron it but with a low temperature.


Next is Fönsterviva. This is a panel curtains IKEA that is designed by IKEA of Sweden. This panel curtain is priced at $ 12.99. Unlike the two previous types of blinds, this curtain panel is made of 19% polyester and 81% paper. How do you care it? Do not wash it or iron it so that the curtain can be durable in the long term.

Anno Sanela

The last panel curtains IKEA is Anno Sanela. This is the most expensive panel curtain from IKEA that is priced at$ 14.99. This curtain is measuring of 118″ L X 24″ W but you can cut it as you want, as you need easily.This curtain is made of 18% polyester and 82% paper.