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Kitchen Cabinet Sets, Nice-Looking from Zhi Hua UV

Nice-Looking from Zhi Hua UV

When you are planning on buying kitchen cabinetry, you will have to buy them in one set. You will need around 15-30 cabinet boxes in the kitchen after all. Looking for them separately is not a good idea. Buying one set directly reduces you the time and cost for looking the ones that match to each other. If you want something simple but still look nice or something unique, there are two kitchen cabinet sets from Zhi Hua U V that you can consider here. Let me describe them one by one here.

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet, Whole Cabinet Set Prices

This is the first of the kitchen cabinet sets I want to tell you here. Branded with Zhi Hua U V, this set of kitchen cabinets is made of various materials. The wooden-looking parts are made of particle board, plywood, solid wood, and MDF. Of course, it gets various finishes on it, like melamine faced board, lacquer door panel, UV high gloss panel, UV color painting panel, and PVC vinyl wrap. Meanwhile, the countertops are made of acrylic stone, quartz stone, and granite.

With those materials, this kind of kitchen cabinet sets is made simply in rectangular structure. There are base cabinets below and wall cabinets above the counter with tall cabinets on two sides. To tell you the truth, this set is made with its parts attached on the wall. Thus, it offers hollow space below. It looks rather interesting, actually. Not to mention, it is good for to make the kitchen feel roomier. So, it is a good choice for cramped-spaced kitchen.

Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Whole Kitchen Cabinet Set

The second of the kitchen cabinet sets here actually looks more interesting in its design. Branded with the same brand, this set has used materials, like moisture-proof chipboard, MDF, and plywood to build it. As for the finish, high gloss acrylic/UV/PETG/PVC/melamine/lacquer finish is used here. With those materials, this set of kitchen cabinetry is actually not made as simple as the first one above. It does not completely form rectangular structure on wall.

Rather than having cupboard, the base line is made of 6 big drawers with stair-like structure at one side if the oven is not there. Meanwhile, there are 7 wall cabinet boxes above the counter attached on wall with L structure facing below with the short side filling the space above the stair-like side earlier. It is hard to tell what shape the structure makes, but kitchen cabinet sets like this can look pretty unique and different than the others in its design.

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